About Archedis

Archedis is an 1901 law type association, whose purpose in publishing designers contemporary furniture in multiples of the original in order to make them meet with an audience of enthusiasts interested in real news.

To this end Archedis created the www.archedis.eu website to be for chosen designers as a springboard to spread their creations.

To pursue its goal, Archedis also works on events: Press, Cultural and Exhibition.

A founding principle of our association is the limited edition. All designs presented in these pages are the multiples that will be broadcast in no more than 99 pieces. There shall be no reprint.

The values that support our association are three columns that are called: Wisdom, Strength and Beauty.
Wisdom leads us and guides us in this endeavour; not forgetting the passion ...
The force that sustains us in the difficulties of this challenge
Beauty that shines in these creations.

Thank you for welcoming with the same enthusiasm as ARCHEDIS these creations and designers

The Archedis team

40, Avenue Pierre Mendès France
31120 Portet sur Garonne
Tel : 00. 33 (0)5 61 72 61 08 Fax : 00.33 (0)5 61 48 66 64

All the furniture presented on this website are copyrighted by SPADEM and INPI